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Whistler Mtn. Demo 2

                        6 min. 3 sec.

Avatar Sk8z as tried out for the first time ever by two boys, both age 13, one a diehard snowboarder; the other who only skis. Video shot using the original & earliest sets of prototypes, on the Emerald Chair (i.e. a green circle/easier) run at Whistler Mtn., B.C. in late spring / slow, soft-to-mushy corn snow conditions. Thanks and kudos to my cousin and his pal for trying out the product and for their comments on their initial experience using Avatar Snowskates.

Black Diamond


a-va-tar'  n. Sanskrit: avatärati: He descends, fr. ava-, down or away, and root tri, to go, or pass beyond; tärati, She crosses over: A descent or the act of descending from Heaven...

Skate  On Snow - Sk8 Avatar  Sk8z

Skate On Snow - Sk8 Avatar Snowskates

Metal Edge


Ride with the

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