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Whistler Mtn. Demo 1*​​

                        3 min. 46 sec.

* Video was shot entirely on Avatar Snowskates.

Avatar Snowskates are officially approved for use on all ski runs and ski lifts of all the ski hills used for the prototypes field-testing  - descending in excess of 850,000 vertical feet of ski runs in demo trials to date: at Grouse Mtn.; Mount Seymour;  Sun Peaks; Cypress Mtn. and Whistler / Blackcomb Mtns., skiing and snowboarding event sites of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.





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a-va-tar'  n. Sanskrit: avatärati: He descends, fr. ava-, down or away, and root tri, to go, or pass beyond; tärati, She crosses over: A descent or the act of descending from Heaven...

Skate  On Snow - Sk8 Avatar  Sk8z

Skate On Snow - Sk8 Avatar Snowskates

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