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> Avatar Snowskates combine the function of ice skates on a hard icy surface with the performance of skis on soft snowy surfaces via unique 3-D base contour. International patents applied for.

> Bite Zone forwardly provides the means to positively bite down into softer snow surfaces and push against snowy ground for effective drive and propulsion by skaters, and for stopping sharply.

> Lean over Bite Zone to hold position on any snowy incline or climb easily and effectively.

> Flat Zone centrally allows skidding for gradual braking, and permits precise limited 180 degree pivots for skating backwards<> forwards at speed.

> Slight rocker over snow skate’s length provides clearance to allow side-slipping on Flat Zone, or holding, digging into snow surface to the degree desired when weighted over Bite Zone(s).

> Slight relief of edges through Flat Zone (relative to base) provide directional control on harder icy surfaces, similar to ice skates.

> Base channels over snow skates length provide positive tracking control on hardpacked snow and in softer snow conditions.

> Inturning edge of forward Bite Zone increases terminal efficiency of the propelling leg stroke for powerful natural skating stride; easy to walk in.

Avatar Sk8z V3 Prototype - Base View

* Effective:  Avatar Snowskates provide: High-performance control at any speed, going forward or backwards; Provides powerful driving means for easy skating across flat terrain and up slight inclines; Carve very tight turns, track a line stably on soft snow through harder icy surfaces; Progressive "Bite Zone" allows gradual braking, or stop-on-a-dime; Positive tracking central "Flat Zone" allows controlled pivots for turning 180 degrees to skate backwards, or spin 360 degrees with precision at full speed.

* User Friendly:  Easy to learn, with very fast learning curve. Groomed ski runs offer snowskaters an inline / roller skating experience down smooth "soft pavement," and marked runs become “3-dimensional skating rinks” with bonus terrain hits and features. Mogul fields are intensely fun, doable challenges on Avatar Snowskates. Snowskating also opens up whole new realms in the evolution of Halfpipe, Terrain Park, and Slopestyle tricks and maneuvers.


* Simplicity:  No poles needed; easy, powerful maneuverability and turn-carving ability with minimal length underfoot. The freedom of skating! - down your favorite ski runs!!!

* Comfortable:  Compact, lightweight & portable: Avatar Sk8z (TM)  fit into / onto a daypack easily. Ride up chairlifts without any leg strain; ride up T-bars and rope-tows stably and without difficulty.

* Adaptable:  Works well across most all snow slope conditions. Instant maneuverability and positive tracking control allow experts to descend remarkably tight, steep (i.e. Most Difficult / Black Diamond+) lines with confidence in attack.

* Synergy:  Standard snowboard T-nut inserts are used; allows for easy switching of most 4X4 bindings from skating over to snowboarding, and vice versa. Rental shops can use same quick-mount snowboard binding systems on Avatar Sk8z to allow patrons to change snow sports very fast.


* Safety:  Minimal swing arm length greatly reduces hazardous torque forces in a fall; wipeouts are a much less serious issue with snow skates, as compared to using skis, skiboards, or snowboards.


Snowskates shown in longitudinal cross-section. Note clearance X of Bite Zone vs. central Flat Zone, and increasing relief of base [24 dotted line] vs. edge [26]. Rocker is shown slightly exaggerated for clarity in this illustration.

Avatar Snowskates Patent Drawing - Figure 4
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