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* Carving demo shot mid-March, 2015 in soft spring snow on firm base. Also shows 180* pivot and stopping using: parallel hockey stop; the powerful reverse snowplow V-stop turning backwards to face uphill and leaning over outspread toes; and the effective T-stop, weighting downhill skate perpendicular to fall line, leaning on uphill skate kept parallel to fall line.

P.O.V.: T-Bar - Mt. Timothy​​

                                      1 min. 46 sec.

Black Diamond  


Whistler Demo 2



a-va-tar'  n. Sanskrit: avatärati: He descends, fr. ava-, down or away, and root tri, to go, or pass beyond; tärati, She crosses over: A descent or the act of descending from Heaven...

Skate  On Snow - Sk8 Avatar  Sk8z

Skate On Snow - Sk8 Avatar Snowskates

Metal Edge


Ride with the

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