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   The Only REAL Snow Skates

* Allow powerful, effective skating on snowy ground via patented 3-D base design.


* Allow full control, high performance, high speed descents of ANY ski runs.


* Excellent crossover alpine downhill sports tools for snowboarders, skiers, and especially ice skaters and inline skaters.


* Snowboarders can use their existing gear for a radically different descent experience on ski runs, terrain parks, black diamond moguls, couloirs, off-piste, etc.


* Snowboard rental shops can use same speed-mount disc binding systems on Avatar Skates to allow for quickly switching between sports: Snowboarding < > Skating.


* Provide the means for an ice-skating or inline skating experience on snow using the same skating techniques.


* Steel-edged laminated construction of Avatar Snowskates are suitable for use at ALL ski resorts and indoor skihills or Snow Domes.


 Above, pre-production A-5 prototype.

Snowboard boots, bindings not included.


Skate On Snow - Sk8 Avatar
Skate On Snow - Sk8 Avatar Snowskates

Metal Edge


Ride with the

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